Gunstock Delivers. County Benefits.

Several members of the Gunstock Area Commission (GAC) were on hand at the Belknap County Commissioners’ meeting Monday night to acknowledge a key annual milestone in the unique arrangement governing the publicly-owned ski area.

GAC Chair Doug Lambert and Vice-Chair Jade Wood, two of the key players that were instrumental in getting the county-owned ski area back open following this past summer’s management walkout crisis, presented a large facsimile of a check to County Commissioners for the amount of $320, 284.83. Chairman Lambert, addressing County Commission Chair Peter Spanos, along with Commissioners Glen Waring and Hunter Taylor, stated, in his prepared remarks:

On behalf of the Gunstock Commission, we would like to present this check in the amount of $320,284.83 to Belknap County.

This represents our annual obligation to the county and its citizens as required by law.

This was, once again, made possible WITHOUT the need for a Revenue Anticipating Note thanks to the ongoing success of the hardworking team at Gunstock who have shown commitment and drive to get the job done.

I would like to further note my thanks to the County Commissioners, some members of the Belknap County Delegation, and to the citizens at large for their support and patience as we worked through the difficulties we faced during this past summer season.

To be able to stand here today, a little over a week shy of the planned opening day of the 2022/2023 ski season while making this presentation, brings me a deep sense of satisfaction and joy.

I have long felt it a blessing to live here in the Lakes Region, and our local place, the Gunstock Recreation Area and its Gunstock Mountain Resort, is something for which I am thankful to have in our midst.

Commissioner Wood echoed Lambert’s sentiment, acknowledging the hard work of the employees and staff that make each ski season a success, and this check is a direct reflection and result, and that Belknap County residents should be proud.

Spanos thanked Commissioners Wood and Lambert for their efforts in managing the challenges of the recent past on behalf of the board and all citizens of Belknap County. He further acknowledged County Administrator Debra Shackett for assistance she provided the many people and Delegation members who joined in the monumental task.

The dollar amount transferred to Belknap County is proscribed in the so-called “enabling statute” (click here to read ) as amended by HB 1442 in 2004:

1.75 percent of yearly gross operating income shall be turned over to the Belknap county treasurer within 45 days of the receipt and approval of the annual audit.

The annual audit was completed and accepted at the October 19th GAC meeting and the actual check was transmitted on October 27.

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