Ski the 603!

One of my favorite things about living here in New Hampshire is WINTER! Yeah- I know many people in my circle that don’t necessarily agree with that sentiment. They pretty much grumble throughout the entire six month stretch of cold. And, I get it- for them it’s just a time to hunker down and wait for warmer times. Not me! My philosophy is this: If you’re gonna live here throughout the whole year, you are best served by having fun in every season. The Granite State is probably one of the most perfect places in the country to get out and enjoy all that it has to offer throughout the whole year. Of course, I’m not gonna lie- the months between the end of those chairs spinning, and the re-start? That’s just filler. Oh, it’s nice and all, but for me, it’s time spent waiting and preparing for the next opening day.

So here we are. The long “season of discontent” has now ended. That most glorious time of the year, ski season, has officially kicked off here in New Hampshire. The Lake Winnipesaukee boaters have all headed for hibernation and are now replaced with the annual return of skiers and riders. From now until that “sad” time in April (or beyond, if you do the various hike-up ravines and such), it’s game on!

You know what else is pretty sweet about our particular state? Our Governor. Because he too, like many of us, enjoys the sport. How awesome is it for us to be able to share the slopes with New Hampshire’s chief executive? All politics aside, I just happen to think that it’s WICKED COOL that he’s one of us! At least when he’s up here in the mountains and away from all that governing stuff.

Here he is:

Governor Sununu at Bretton Woods

I really like the fact that on this, my only difference with him is that he’s at Bretton Woods, and I was over at Loon. For me, this is TRUE bipartisanship!

Me at Loon

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