The Bastion Questionnaire – Your Chance to be Heard!

Hello to you, our loyal readers! For the busy beavers of The Bastion, we’ve spent plenty of time trying to brainstorm and find ways for those who follow us to stay up to date on the actions and antics of the local Belknap County Delegation. Something that became quite apparent during the last election debacle, was that there was a great need for “voter guides” so that the casual voter could stroll on in, pick up a cheat sheet, and head on in to fill out the bubbles.

For us here at The Bastion, that’s not a good sign of an informed populace. That shows that people will come in and dot their way down one side or another, without even knowing a thing about the people they’re voting for! Other opportunities we saw included finding out, now that they’ve been elected, how these Delegates stand on the local issues as well as their stance on how they plan to vote on statewide issues. We hope to put this information out biannually or quarterly, regularly updating a new section of our website that will include a handy guide to your local Delegation members. With a more informed readership, we hope to see an end to the need for politically motivated hacks on either side trying to push narratives in the final days running up to an election. You’ll already know who you’re voting for and why.

But, to do that we need your help. What issues most affect you? What questions would you ask of all the Delegates to gain an understanding of how they intend to vote in Concord? Do you want people on record with their plans for voting on key issues, issues that will most certainly influence your day to day?

Here’s your charge: Send us your questions for the Delegates. We will consider a certain amount of questions and submit an official questionnaire to all the sitting elected officials. Your voice is important to us, and your questions can help us hold these folks accountable moving forward. As they start their two year stint in representing you, we believe it’d be good to have them on record right from the beginning.

Contact us at –

Thanks for your help with this project to better inform the citizens of the county

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