Beaver Slap Redux – Write-in Lunacy

As reported last week here in The Bastion, the write-in campaign for a NH House seat in Meredith resulted in a win for one of the Democrats in this traditional Republican stronghold. The primary-loser, Jeanne Tofts conducted a well-financed effort that was foolishly backed by several notable local Republicans, including a sitting state representative, and a person being bandied about as a potential new leader in the upcoming Belknap County Republican Committee (BCRC) caucus. And of course, the current leadership of the BCRC undoubtedly had a hand in the scheme as well- either directly, or at least tacitly- by not discouraging the guaranteed to fail attempt.

[T]he top Republican vote-getter received 1649 votes. The top Democrat, who gains the second slot for the district, got 1581 votes. The other Republican, Cindy Creteau-Miller got 1446. The write-in candidate garnered a mere 272 votes. While perhaps impressive, given the steps necessary to convince that many voters to go through the effort needed to bring such a vote to bear, it isn’t anywhere close to winning anything. Such quests never are. But what Jeanne Tofts DID achieve, was bring a win home for the Democrats. One can surely assume that her 272 votes came completely from Republicans and not either of the Democrats. Let’s say that 200 of them would have gone to Creteau-Miller in a normal voting situation — she would have been joining Lisa Smart in the winner’s circle. 1446 + 200 = 1646, right in line with the Republican vote for Lisa Smart. 

Bastion Beaver Slap, 11/9/22

Guess what? This move to prevent someone deemed to be a “bad” Republican by Tofts and her comrades is starting to perhaps have ramifications beyond the most obvious one of a loss on election day. The Republicans are holding on to the slimmest of a majority status in the NH General Court- one that is shrinking as the recount results from many close and contested races continue. In today’s Union Leader, Kevin Landrigan reports

“For the second day in a row, a contested House race flipped to a Democrat in a recount, leaving Republicans clinging to a two-seat majority with more than a dozen recounts to go. “

Union Leader 11/16/22

Got that? TWO SEATS. With over a dozen left to go. Let’s just say that the trend is not favoring the Republican side thus far in this process. Landrigan further writes

“A total of 24 House candidates requested recounts. Volunteers have completed eight of the 24 in the first two days of recounting.”

Union Leader 11/16/22

Some of the action is taking place close to home. The Laconia Daily Sun is reporting on the latest addition to the recount hit parade, as Democrat Lisa DiMartino has placed her race in the recount pile.

“Lisa DiMartino, a Democratic state representative candidate in Belknap District 6, filed for a recount with the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office Monday afternoon. 

DiMartino narrowly placed fifth in a nine-candidate contest for four seats, losing to Republican Richard Beaudoin by just 17 votes. District 6 serves Gilford, Gilmanton and Laconia Ward 2. 

“I really didn’t plan on asking for a recount,” DiMartino said in a written statement. But after both voters and state Democratic Party leadership urged her to seek one, given both the closeness of her race and the razor-thin Republican lead in the Legislature, she reconsidered.”

Laconia Daily Sun, 11/15/22

Where is this all going? Is this the nightmare scenario to which we are headed?

I’m wondering how Ms. Tofts and her enablers feel about their little game now? They really showed everyone, haven’t they? How DARE they spurn her primary effort! Is this “Mission Accomplished?” One less RINO as she defines it in the NH House? Yeah- this is sure working out swell. If only she and her supporters had listened to reason. But alas, reason and strategic thinking has been in short supply in this election cycle. ESPECIALLY here in Belknap County!

The Beaver


    • Perhaps there would have been a few more Repubs had they listened to me rather than digging in. They could have opted to pursue the least bad option and salvaged something. But nope. And here we sit. Nice try though- I don’t blame you for trying to deflect attention away from the enormous write-in blunder outlined in this post. If I was on that team, I would do the same. It was a stupid tactic. ANYONE could have predicted this result.


  1. The “traditional stronghold” is not the case anymore, especially with the redistricting. Matt Coker was likely going to win anyway. He wasn’t that far behind Lisa Smart in vote count and Creteau was every bit as moderate (liberal), she said as much in her LDS post-game interview. 200 additional votes for her is a stretch. Most of her primary votes came from Democrats.

    Lisa DiMartino on the other hand, is right in the Beaver’s back yard (and the Laconia Republican Committee’s). So who’s fault was that? You guys need to look in the mirror and give up your endless pursuit of Norm Silber and co.


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