Podcast Recommendation – The Thadcast

Former New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate Thad Riley has a podcast, and we’re here for it!

Thad was probably the best bet we could have had for Governor, having spoken pretty fluidly and profoundly in the debates as well as taking the time, so much time, traveling all over the state to push for his candidacy. We had a chance to host him here in Laconia at the Republican Committee meeting and he definitely wow’d the audience.

Thad is more than just some politician, he’s a small business owner as well as a writer having published two books. Beyond that, he’s raising six children and running a podcast. A source of inspiration, Thad most famously shed over 150 pounds and is now a well known cycling instructor. Truly, a hardcore man. Led by his Christian beliefs, Thad is more than just an all around inspiration. He’s a humble servant.

Thad Riley and his wife Melanie (courtesy ThadforGovernor.com)

I’ve had a chance to listen in on one of his episodes, and it’s stupendous. If you’re driving in that morning commute or getting some work done around the home to prepare for winter, it’s worth the listen.

Check out the ThadCast, and let us know in the comments if you enjoyed it!

This is not a paid advertisement. We just like Thad and enjoy his podcast.

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