Carter’s Creations NH – Personalize Your Holidays

Carter’s Creations is a small business based around creating unique and custom personalized items. Everything from custom gift tags to coasters and even artwork. You can add a name or company logo to almost any product they offer. A main difference between Carter’s Creations and others, is that they also offer single items as well as bulk ordering. 

The husband-and-wife duo had this to say when asked about why they got into the business:

“What started as a hobby, something to fill our down time turned into something we truly enjoy doing as a team. Creating designs to burn or engrave
allows one level of creativity.
Painting them and bringing them to life allows another.
Watching people react to something we’ve made makes us happy. We enjoy personalizing things that bring a sense of joy to others and keeps us doing what we do.”

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every item that is sold is custom made for your order. You will receive an image for approval and to make any final adjustments before we begin to craft your project.” 

You can find Carter’s Creations at and also check them out on Facebook

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