Survival Tips #1 – How to Build a Fire

Today I’m going to write a simple how-to guide on how to start a fire because let’s be honest not all of us grew up in the woods or joined the scouts as children but at some point, in all of our lives, we may find ourselves outside needing to cook something or boil water to make it drinkable. Hopefully by the end of this guide you will be able to head out in your backyard and practice how to build a fire with just a simple knife and a lighter as every prepared person should have both of these items on them at all times.

Step one. Use your knife to create a feather stick. Use the knife to shave the bark and outer layers of wood towards the end of the stick allowing them to roll into easy to light tinder.

Step two. Build a teepee out of medium thickness branches this will help light your larger logs. Set your medium thickness branches in the shape of a teepee with an open door over you feather sticks and any bark or shaved wood that fell off the sticks.

inner teepee

Step three. Build a larger teepee around the inner teepee with larger logs. Make sure to keep that door open as that is where you will light the fire from.

outer teepee

Step four. Light and enjoy.

Ronnie Abbott
Ronnie Abbott is a local photographer and founder of FYP Media –

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