Gunstock – Looking For A Few Good People

The official notice has gone out for applications to be submitted for appointed seats on the Gunstock Area Commission (GAC). There are two open positions to be filled by the Belknap County Delegation in January. One seat is to complete a term that expires in November 2024, and the other is a full five year term that begins in January. Follow the instructions per the notice below:

For further background information, the following links will be helpful:

The Enabling Statute click HERE

The ByLaws click HERE

Another useful tool to get started with is to view the minutes of the meetings. There, you can read for quite few years back to get the feel and gist of some of the issues discussed, and the nature of what meetings entail. Compared with some governmental bodies, these meeting records are well detailed. To view them, click HERE.

If you have further questions or need more details, you can contact either me or Tom Day via the emails above.

Let me add that, despite the challenges of the past several months, working as a commissioner has been very rewarding and at times, even a bit fun. The management and staff, as well as the current serving commissioners, have been a pleasure to work with. The GAC calls for a membership of five people, and it will be good to get the group back to its full makeup.

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you all on the slopes very soon!

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