Beaver Slap – Laconia Dems Love Recycling. Candidates, That Is…

With the big day nearly upon us, I thought it might be a good time to do a review of a couple of the retreads the Laconia Democrats have tossed up for this election.

First, there’s Charlie St. Clair. Running in Laconia District 5 consisting of Wards 1, 3, 4, 5, 6. As a former State Representative he has a voting record, which is handy to find out where he stands on some issues that are still relevant today. This man, most well known for his role in promoting Laconia Motorcycle Week, would have us believe that he’s a typical Laconia person. He thinks and cares about the little guy and doesn’t get into all that nasty party partisanship and stuff, he just happens to be a Democrat, just like anyone’s old grandfather might have been. Except, of course, NOBODY’S grandfather (Republican, Democrat, or otherwise) would have voted to allow boys to play on Laconia girls’ sports teams as Representative Charlie St. Clair has (SB263). As well as NOBODY’S grandfather would have voted to give illegal aliens New Hampshire driver licenses as Rep St. Clair has (HB397). He also plays the role of an amiable dunce. “Trust me- I’m not like the others!” When cornered and asked about his vote to provide licenses to illegals without the need for any documentation, he (very believably) claimed ignorance. “Well, I didn’t really know that was in the bill.” But he still voted for it, because he did what his Democrat Party bosses told him to do.

Another aspect of Representative St. Clair’s record is his attendance, or rather the lack thereof. Even though New Hampshire has its famed “citizen legislature” with its meager $100 per year paycheck, it is still best for them to actually show up. A quick overview of his 2017-2020 voting record reveals:

He missed a vote on repealing our crucial voter integrity laws (HB-105)
He missed a vote weakening our voter laws (HB-106)
He missed a vote on background checks for commercial firearms sales (HB-109)
He missed a vote on a unsustainable state minimum wage (HB-186)
He missed a vote banning a state income tax (CACR-12)
He missed a vote banning plastic straws (HB-558)
He missed a vote placing a 10-cent fee on plastic bags (HB-560)

Whether you agree with the actual points in these bills, they were important topics and important debates that Laconia deserved to have representation, but unfortunately Rep. St. Clair wasn’t able to show up. Rep. St. Clair missed nearly 43 percent of the votes taken during his term as a state representative starting in 2018. What will he say now? “I’ll do better. I promise.” But honestly, he probably just doesn’t know. Much like the issues as we look ahead. How will Charlie vote? Well, you could ask him, but on most things, he just doesn’t know. He’s “UNDECIDED.”

Voter Guide, Laconia Daily Sun

Next up is former Laconia State Representative David Huot, who is also seeking a return to Concord. While you would think that a person reaching the impressive age of 80 years would want to spend time relaxing with family and enjoying life to the fullest, for Huot, that apparently includes continuing with his long crusade to restrict Granite Staters’ basic freedoms. While his attendance is better than Charlie’s, his voting record on the issues is nearly identical. Basically, he is a Democrat’s Democrat. He’s for the usual stuff: killing babies without restriction, destroying America’s energy freedom in an effort to fight global warming, favors mail-in voting, favors all sorts of sexual discussions in classrooms, etc. You know the type. Additionally, when one reviews his record, it becomes clear that he is big on restricting gun rights, which, given the Granite State’s long history of lenient ownership laws coupled with relatively low gun crime, might seem a surprise. But not for Huot, who makes no bones about his stance despite the reality. Because, despite these facts about guns here in New Hampshire, in the end, for Huot, it doesn’t actually matter. Here he is testifying on HB514, a bill addressing a legal firearm purchase waiting period. He doesn’t really know whether or not it will help the “problem,” but he knows it might do “Something, however inadequate it might be.”

As you watch the video, when asked how many shootings this bill will stop, his answer is perhaps a metaphor for what sort of “representation” he will bring Laconians:

“I haven’t got a clue.”

David Huot

That was quite obvious with much of his tenure as a State Representative.

Laconia voters should count on one thing for sure if they should choose to send these two back to Concord: they will do exactly as instructed by their Democrat Party bosses. So much for the citizen representative.

Oh, and a quick glance at the two others the Democrats tossed into the mix for District 5, as evidenced by the recent voter guide published in the Laconia Daily Sun, reveals nothing new with them either. One, a wet-behind the ears newbie (budding socialist?) and the other, an aged liberal lawyer, most likely will properly tow the Democrat Party line as well.

Given the unprecedented economic times in which we find ourselves, it is best to stick with the Republican representation that has served Laconia well these past couple years. The Laconia voting contingent of The Bastion’s Beavers will be eagerly voting to re-elect Rich Littlefield, Mike Bordes, and Dawn Johnson, and to send Steven Bogert to join them.

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