Beaver Slap – Bobcat Summer

As this fine weekend rolls on, the weather we are enjoying is some of the finest in recent memory. With mostly clear skies and warm temperatures, this stunningly perfect weather is the epitome of what is meant by “Indian Summer.” As I work about the yard, and look out at the mountains of northern New Hampshire visible in the distance, awestruck by the natural beauty of what I am seeing, it has occurred to me that this should not be allowed to stand… the name of the weather, that is.

If it is racist to name a beloved school sports team after Indians, isn’t it even worse to name a strange weather anomaly after them? I propose we call these summer like days of fall something less derogatory like “panther summer” or “bobcat summer. I mean, naming idyllic weather after indigenous people is absolutely beyond the pale! This outrage mustn’t be allowed to continue!

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