Senator Bob Giuda – Rep. Tom Ploszaj Deserves Your Support

Representative Tom Ploszaj


In the firestorm of disinformation that’s become the norm in today’s political campaigns, a letter I wrote that was published in the Sun is being used by democrats to smear a good Belknap County Representative who did NOT pursue the scorched earth campaign of those who orchestrated the Gunstock debacle.

My letter was written months before Tom Ploszaj, by accepting Rep. Harry Bean’s request to attend and emergency delegation meeting on August 1st , established the quorum needed for the delegation to stop the carnage at Gunstock. This quorum enabled the delegation to meet and remove Dave Strang from the GAC – a requirement the Gunstock employees established as a condition of returning to work and reopening the mountain. Without that meeting, Gunstock’s insurance would have been canceled, putting the mountain out of business.

I’ve worked closely with Tom Ploszaj during his two years in the House, and he deserves your support for re-election. He is not a “Freestater” and did not support the radical bill to secede from the U.S. He is, however, conscientious, thoughtful, and diligent in researching issues and casting his votes according to your best interests, both short- and long-term. His constituent service is outstanding, as is his record of community service as a Firefighter and EMT.

For these reasons, I do hope you will vote to re-elect Tom Ploszaj on November 8th.

Bob Giuda
State Senator
NH District 2

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