Beaver Slap – Yes, Very Sad. Anyway.

This is not going to be a local post. There are no Twitter employees around here. You’d have to look in the big cities. Look to San Francisco, Singapore, London. You know what else you’ll have to look for? My sympathy. It’s nowhere to be found.

Watch, as their tears flow into their avocado toast. Try to contain yourself, it’s not funny to them, just everyone else.

Poor You

Last night, after announcing layoffs were to happen on Friday, over 1,000 employees of Twitter found themselves unemployed. From all aspects from their legal team to advertising, health team to content moderation. Some fired employees stating that they “don’t know how their department will continue.”

They’ll be fine. Oh, no not the employees, I meant the company. There may be less content moderation, which is good for everyone as we know the underhanded nature of the left is to claim any thought or opinion that runs right of center is essentially fascism. That’s the claim, of course, but of 100 people who claim to see fascism in their daily lives likely 75 of them couldn’t give you a clear and correct definition of the term. So sad, to see, them go.

What is sad, however, that living in the worst economy of our lifetimes we know there are a thousand people who likely couldn’t operate a shovel even with the help of a manual are going to be sitting at home and likely collecting money from the government of their state. Most of these folks are in California, so it makes very little difference to me, but it does make me sad for those who still haven’t decided to leave the Golden State. I’m also sad for the rare conservative, who found a calling and has a talent for the work they did and found themselves working at Twitter.

Let’s be clear, I’ve worked at a silicon valley company. It was like working for Willy Wonka. The unending stocked shelves of Pellegrino and La Croix. The seaweed chips piled high. Catered lunch, sushi at every meal sitting beside the salad. Kegerators full of the best DIPAs and wine spritzers that you could ask for, available all day long. The waste, to many, but the required opulence to others keeping people from going home. Why go home, to a studio apartment you share with three others who also make in the 150k a year range? Living in San Francisco, that doesn’t get you as far as it could out here in New Hampshire. Not by a longshot. When the pandemic hit, those folks were forced to sit outside so their roommates could take meetings. They begged to return to their lives living out of the office.

This is my experience too

But it’s also funny that we bring up the pandemic. What could be funny about that, you ask? Well. Twitter was one of those places I stopped going to. Their moderation teams made sure that every post that questioned the efficacy of vaccines were squashed, removed. Opinions that cemented a belief that liberty should come before forcing vaccines into people were met with closed accounts, or messages that forced you to remove your thoughts from their platform. Well, it’s not your platform anymore.

Half of the country fought to stick a needle in the arms of their neighbor, and when those neighbors refused they cheered to see them lose their jobs and livelihoods. People went to Twitter, which was more than a gracious host of the left leaning paradigm that gave way to a culture of insulting those people, some of whom could not get the vaccine due to health reasons or their religious beliefs. Twitter was ground zero for the protection of speech when that speech was to have the government round up people for their non-compliance. The protected speech included watching as nurses, who were in absolute high demand, be let go for their non-compliance, for their personal choice. Suddenly, for these nurses, it became a sport to the left to lambaste them, to ridicule them. These people, who were just done working 16 hours to care for your elderly, to help deliver your babies were given their walking papers to high applause from the Twitter mob. Though Twitter claims to not incite violence, to take an active stand against discrimination, they certainly allowed the left to talk about re-education camps, and how they wanted to round up the non-compliant and run them out of town on a rail.

So, spare me your light blue tears. Keep those little blue hearts to yourself. I couldn’t think of a better example of ‘careful what you wish for.’ Elon Musk may not be the greatest guy in the world, and has a closet full of his own issues, but just for today he’s brought a little bit of justice back to the world.

A brand of justice that we can put on steroids with the right votes on November 8.

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