Doubling Down. The Fall of Terese

By Doug Lambert, with Richard Littlefield

E-evil Woman, E-evil Woman, E-evil Woman, Evil Woman
Ha Ha woman what you gonna do
You destroyed all the virtues that the Lord gave you
Evil woman how you done me wrong
But now you're tryin' to wail a different song
Ha Ha funny how you broke me up
You made the wine now you drink the cup

Electric Light Orchestra, Evil Woman

I felt compelled to provide a follow up on the excellent Bastion report covering the actions of Terese Bastarache Grinnell as it relates to me and one of my friends, Laconia State Representative Richard Littlefield. After cutting her chops here in the Granite State fighting against the attempts to bring us mandatory Covid vaccinations, she has apparently spread her wings to include a variety of convenient matters and causes in an attempt to stay relevant. She spends a good deal of time creating videos of herself and leading rallies featuring many fringe characters for causes most notable for their conspiratorial foundations. Basically, when you take a look at her activities, you quickly discover that she’s full of herself and pretends to be some inspirational, god-ordained figure. Of course, in the end, she actually ends up as a silly, sad caricature bordering on David Koresh or Rev Jim Jones territory. Sadly for the rest of us, however, she DOES have her followers that are seemingly more than willing to drink the kool aid she serves.

Last week, following the Belknap Superior Court ruling that tossed out a lawsuit against me in the Gunstock Mountain ski area matter, she posted a meme in which I was cast as the devil.

It’s easy to shrug something like this off and make light of it until you start poking around the social media landscape and get a feel for her and her followers. This is where it starts to get a bit disconcerting. In the video posted here a couple days back, she notes that she is willing to “go out in a blaze of glory.” As a friend observed, this is something you might read in a manifesto of some deranged lunatic. Naturally, people like that often attract others of a like mind. How would you like, after finding a meme on Facebook calling you the devil (over a matter involving a ski area), scrolling down and find this posted in a reply by one of her peeps:

I ask you dear reader, does this make you at all uncomfortable? Keep in mind, I have never met any of these folks, nor have they ever reached out to me for a discussion about facts. Rather, they carry on and Terese keeps doling out all kinds of crazy made up stuff and her fellow travellers lap it all up and react. “The hunt is on you kill me or I will take you down with my last breath.” What exactly is he saying here? “Destined to Hell.” Really?

This is what she had to say about the General Manager/President of Gunstock back in August and in October, along with a posting alluding to some strange conspiracy involve a tragic house fire. Something she AGAIN mentioned in her video several days back:

As the reply says, “What exactly are you saying?” She is obsessed with certain things and people. I recall at some point on one of these threads calling her out for pointing a finger at people and proclaiming them as evil. Of course, she had no remorse, and rather just continued on and doubling down on her accusations.

Terese and her fellow zealots are reckless with the truth and with their words. They claim to be some sort of religious people but have absolutely no concern about what they say about others and how it might affect them. Consider an incident that occured last night on a Facebook post comment thread. Someone had posted the Bastion story about Terese and a rather lengthy comment string ensued, in which she dove in headfirst. The conversation led to some discussion about one of the County Delegation members that voted to help save Gunstock. Then, Terese Grinnell Bastarache, a self-described HOSPICE NURSE posted this:

Did you catch that part about her referencing a person as being suicidal? That’s right- a HOSPICE NURSE, that someone in a time of great distress reached out to for help, decided to publicize this delicate matter in a social media post in order to score some sort of warped advantage. Since she actually tagged that person, he ended up seeing it. What sort of nurse is Terese? What sort of religion is she defending and representing?

Richard Littlefield is a good friend and reached out. As I noted above, he was one of the State Representatives and County Delegation members that stepped up to reopen Gunstock. He wrote to following and asked that it be shared:

Throughout my life I have made it a personal point to just let things go or try my level best to do so when it comes to bullies and false prophets.

This is where Terese (Grinnell) Bastarache comes into play.

Here’s a little context on Ms. Bastarache.

Terese is a fringe ideologue who rather than rally support for re-opening Gunstock she sat on the side lines leaking supposed information from an audit that was being done, an audit that showed no wrongdoing or felony offenses but a lack of oversight between the GAC Commission and the upper management crew, again nothing groundbreaking.

But with the way she was leaking and screaming from the rooftops about corruption you would have thought some Bernie Madoff wannabe was going to prison.

One day in May I started having problems with my heart, lungs and esophagus from Covid inflammation which caused me great distress, and with it came sleepless nights, daily fever activity when my body temp never went over 99 degrees, out of nowhere panic attacks, and when I couldn’t get any answers from medical professionals I snapped and made a decision to try and end my life which I regret everyday the sun shines bright.

What I regret more was sharing my experience with Terese just for her to use it against me on social media. 

The hopelessness I felt while fighting my depression and the anxiety of knowing something was wrong with me for which there was no obvious cure was horrible. At one time I felt that she was somebody I could confide in —boy was I wrong!

So that’s why I’m writing this today: so everyone will know that false prophets with bad intentions do in fact exist; To let WE THE PEOPLE know the hell she has put me through while she thumps the Bible repping a forgiving and loving god… while being unable to do the same for those in need.

Here we are 3 months later and Terese is still doing what she can to smear myself and fellow colleagues for a decision that unequivocally stood to help or severely hinder Belknap County’s economy, I am left asking myself why somebody would wish the worst for not just myself but a business that does so much for so many.

Beware those who preach redemption and ask that you turn your back on what’s right in order to achieve it.

Laconia Representative Richard Littlefield

We are putting this out there for people to learn and understand the truth. This woman has been all over disparaging good people with made up lies and innuendo. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. THIS time it was emotionally. When you consider the words of her and the pretty much blatant threats of her adherents and followers, what type of hurt is next? This recklessness needs to stop…

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