FYP Media: Your Only Choice for Local Excellence

If you’re anything like me, you perhaps think of yourself as an amateur photographer. Grabbing that iPhone, trying to get the kids to sit still, working around the fact you can’t get your portrait mode to work right. It’s telling you to move in, so you do, and then you back out because it then says you’re too close. Ultimately, maybe you’ll get a shot, but most times you’re just looking at something you’re not planning to frame or submit for publication anyway, so who cares?

But sometimes, you don’t want to put up with some crummy cell phone camera. You want to be included. You want to see what someone with the equipment, and more importantly the talent, to see what it is they can do. Someone with years of experience in the field. Someone with that spark that can make a person come alive in a still shot. You want to feel this photo. Something you’d be proud to put on a wall or a Christmas card. Something that you’ll cherish.

FYP Media is a media group located in the heart of Belknap County and is most known for its still photography. Ronnie Abbott, lead photographer, is a man about town, often seen donating his time to photograph local events for free. From weddings to portraits, kids, pets and families, your only choice for local excellence.

Examples of Portraits done by Fyp Media

Examples of Political events photographed by Fyp Media

Non-Political events

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