They Live Among Us…

Filed by Arthur Vandelay Sr., Freelance Bastion Investigative Reporter

On their 1978 album, Some Girls, the Rolling Stones sang,

I was driving home early Sunday morning through Bakersfield
Listening to gospel music on the ——– radio station
And the preacher said, “You know you always have the Lord by your side”
And I was so pleased to be informed of this that I ran
Twenty red lights in his honor
Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord

“Far Away Eyes”- Rolling Stones
Terese Bastarache (Grinnell)

Several days back, The Bastion reported in a piece entitled “We’re on a Mission From God” about a Facebook post by this Terese Bastarache lady (AKA Terese Grinnell) and an attack on the Gunstock Area Commission Chair Doug Lambert. Calling him the “devil” in a meme, the Bastion posting noted that she

implies, during many tear-laden video “sermons” to her followers, that she is an “instrument of God” doing his work in her political battles against her many foes, some real and some imagined. She has often referred to people in her crosshairs as “evil”- some of whom she has never even met. 

Have you ever come across someone and you just get that “feeling?” A sensation that a person is somehow “just not right?” So it was when friends of the Bastion recounted their first contacts with Terese Grinnell in comment strings found on Facebook. You know the type- a keyboard warrior throwing “facts” around on whatever the topic happens to be– the first and last word of all knowledge surrounding the subject at hand. Don’t dare question her, because, no matter your objection, she knows:

“I have my sources and they are trusted.”

This was her response to questions raised by Mr. Lambert on something she had been writing and “facts” she was putting forth— about HIM!! At the time he made light of it and quipped, “Wow- she knows stuff about me that even I didn’t know about me!” The subject she was pontificating about was the ongoing Gunstock situation as the senior management were still in their walkout. As a member of the Gunstock Area Commission (GAC), Lambert was up at the mountain day after day working along with Commissioner Jade Wood trying to solve the situation and get the place fully reopened in time for a looming Christian music festival scheduled to take place. And out there in social media-land was this lady claiming to know everything about what was happening.

For those that don’t know, Grinnell is a nurse that found her moment of fame some time back fighting vaccine mandates here in New Hampshire- and we agreed with her on that. Since then, it appears that, unwilling to simply stay in her lane, she has branched out into other things in attempts to remain relevant and in the spotlight. Gunstock is apparently another convenient addition to her many areas of crazed “expertise.”

Fast forward to this week when the likely closing chapter on the Gunstock matter took place as a related lawsuit was tossed out of Court. (Click here for the story) With the good Lord by her side, Terese took to Facebook and “preached” to her “followers,” unleashing what has been described by those in the know as

“One of the most factually incorrect retellings of the Gunstock situation heard thus far—and there have been plenty!”

Bastion Source, 10/29/22

The Bastion has obtained a copy of this video rant and preserved it on its YouTube channel in the event she comes to her senses (unlikely) and takes it down. If you dare put yourself through a painful viewing, we suggest giving it a go in order to fully understand the utter nonsense and insanity being put out into the mix:

Several points to consider after you recover from listening and watching this sorry hot mess-

EVERY single point of her retelling of the whole Gunstock saga and audit is completely wrong. Laughably, near the beginning, she mentions a particular website to visit for more information. Since it’s most likely one of the places she gets her “facts,” it’s probably best to give it a hard pass. Much of what you find there is nothing but a crock. Her overview of the “history” is wrong- the dates, the enabling legislation, etc. She creates out of thin air a tall-tale of mediation and litigation involving past audits-claiming that this year’s “Audit Sub Committee” was created as a result. Really? That would be news to everyone, as it never happened. What WAS true, although never mentioned by her, was that this sub committee was problematic from the start, and attempted to sidetrack the audit firm’s work and send them down a rabbit hole of forensic financial investigations outside their scope. Despite her claims, past audits were not ever deemed corrupt, or lacking. In fact, they were performed by an independent audit firm in full compliance with New Hampshire law.

Also included in her fable is a story about how the current year’s audit found some emails discussing the Soulfest Music Festival. Again, not true. She’s garbling separate stories and mind-melding them into something new. Grinnell claims the audit uncovered some unknown and hidden large legal expenses. Oh please. The legal fees were well publicized earlier in the year and were mainly driven by prior GAC actions and disputes involving the Belknap County Delegation. The audit did NOT uncover that! Also, contrary to another of Terese’s lies, Mr. Lambert did NOT make a motion that led to the acceptance of Strang’s resignation. On and on it goes. All of it total BS. CRAZY BS.

There are a couple of other points she rambles on about worth noting…

First, Crazy Terese implies that the Gunstock chief administrator might have been responsible for burning down the Soulfest Music Festival principal’s house. That’s a pretty serious charge. Does she have proof of this? Are the voices in her head providing this information? Did she perhaps not hear them correctly? After all, as you can see and hear in the video, there ARE helicopters circling overhead making loud sounds. Maybe they drowned out the truth? Maybe we should ask her if they are the BLACK helicopters oftentimes found shadowing people wearing tin-foil hats. This is not the first time she has raised the topic of people’s houses being burned down as a threat or some god-like retribution. Apparently it’s not a bug with her, instead it’s a feature.

Second, in this video, she discusses the FORMER Gunstock Area Commissioner Dr. David Strang as being some sort of righteous man. While we are certainly not going to get into that discussion here- as we actually hope that he is- but it was the next part that gave us pause… She seriously tells us that she

“wanted him to declare for Governor. He was somebody I wanted all of us to get behind and be our Governor.”

Sadly, for Terese, he declined because he was too busy working for Gunstock. Too busy all right… too busy haranguing the staff and employees. Too busy leaking confidential financial information. Too busy announcing fantastical claims of imaginary crimes and other dastardly misdeeds to anybody that would listen.

Imagine Dr. Strang running for Governor. He ran for Selectman in his town, and lost. He ran as a Delegate for the NHGOP Convention in his voting district and lost. So of course, for someone as detached from the truth and reality as Terese, it makes perfect sense for him to run for Governor! Honestly though, since his recent stunt of trying to sit at the same table during a meeting of the Gunstock Area Commissioners, the busy Beavers at The Bastion Lodge have come up with a more reasonable suggestion:

Well the preacher kept right on saying that all I had to do was send
Ten dollars to the church of the Sacred Bleeding Heart Of Jesus
Located somewhere in Los Angeles, California
And next week they’d say my prayer on the radio
And all my dreams would come true
So I did, the next week, I got a prayer with a girl
Well, you know what kind of eyes she got, well I’ll tell ya

So if you’re down on your luck
I know you all sympathize
Find a girl with far away eyes
And if you’re downright disgusted
And life ain’t worth a dime
Get a girl with far away eyes

“Far Away Eyes”- Rolling Stones

Or is it CRAZY eyes?

Arthur Vandelay Sr. is the retired founder of Vandelay Industries, world-famous importers of fine latex. He spends his time as a freelance investigative reporter and is an occasional contributor to The Bastion. He can frequently be found hanging out at the Beaver Lodge.

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