Beaver Slap – Norm Silber Attacking GOP Candidates

Here at the Bastion Lodge, we make no bones about the fact that most of us are conservative little beavers. For the most part, we prefer to vote for and elect Republicans over Democrats. While we have no problem giving a good hard Beaver Slap to ANY deserving politician, we feel that, as a general rule, it’s better to lay off our party’s candidates in the runup to the election, lest we tip the scales in favor of Democrats. The time for the fight is during the primary, or later, when they are in their position of service and do stupid things.

You would think that the so-called “leader” of the Belknap County Republican Committee (BCRC) would be the FIRST one to understand this concept. He strikes us as a reasonably smart guy that should understand if you really don’t like somebody, but they are on YOUR team, you just clam up and hold your tongue. That would be the correct thing to do- ESPECIALLY as the party LEADER. Sadly, this is not so with BCRC Chairman Norm Silber, who often allows his personal animosity towards those he doesn’t like overrule any rational behavior one should maintain in his position.

Consider his most recent letter to the Laconia Daily Sun attacking one of Laconia’s Republican nominees, Mike Bordes. Again, not everyone here at the Lodge agrees with everything Bordes has done in his tenure as a sitting member of the General Court. But really, who agrees with everyone on everything ever? The reality is that Republicans are facing an organized onslaught here in Belknap the likes of which have never been seen before. After a disastrous primary season delivered some unfortunate losses for some excellent potential future and current sitting legislators, the time for infighting is OVER. Or, so you would think. Instead, BCRC Chair Silber writes,

Although it might be useful to think of Rep. Mike Bordes merely as a “useful idiot,” i.e. generally understood to be a person propagandizing for a cause without fully comprehending the cause’s goals, in reality he is a malicious individual masquerading as a Republican…”

Norm Silber letter, Laconia Daily Sun, 10/28/22

To add fuel to the (dumpster) fire, Silber’s BCRC website features a freakin HIT PIECE on Representative Bordes! We are about a week out from the election, and this is what he and his group of blinded automatons are up to? Attacking GOP candidates???????? Hello, NHGOP- are you paying attention to this rogue outfit yet? We have often heard the Republican Party referred to as “the stupid party.” This is yet one more example as to why they have certainly earned that title, though it pains us here in the Lodge to say so. Keep in mind that several of us Beavers have contributed money to this group. We don’t think that paying for a website to do these idiotic posts are what we had in mind when giving.

Screenshot of BCRC “hit piece” found on their website (click here to view)

As much as we are fully aware of Chair Silber’s underhanded deeds and tactics as of late when it comes to the internal affairs of the BCRC, this most recent act still strikes us with some surprise. While he does a “dance” with the upper levels of the NHGOP as they head into the upcoming period when new State Committee members are selected for the next two years, at the same time, Silber is publicly stabbing Republican candidates in the back. To what end? Again, as we have repeatedly asked when considering Chairman Silber’s actions: WHY? Furthermore, we assume he will make a play to retain his position at the helm of the BCRC in the coming months. Same question: WHY?

Norm Silber’s BCRC caught in the act… AGAIN.


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