Top 5 Reasons to Vote Republican on November 8th!

As American as Baseball, Apple pie and Mom…

As we come barreling down the home stretch to the 2022 elections you will be going to the polls and casting your vote for candidates of either the Republican or Democrat party. Here are 5 Reasons to vote Republican on November 8th.

  • Number 5Democrats are why we can’t have anything nice! They say misery loves company, and the Democrats are miserable! They are a petty, vindictive, spiteful, jealous, envious, and hateful group of people who can’t stand to see individuals succeed and be happy on their own. If you have a nice vehicle they want you to take mass transit to be miserable with everyone else who takes mass transit. If you have a nice home they will tax, zone and regulate it so it is unaffordable or better yet they will make policies so that home ownership is impossible so they can create “affordable housing” or as we called it in the ’70s “the projects.” If you have a business, they will regulate it into oblivion, and the list goes on and on. The term “Karen” wasn’t coined for Republicans, or independents who are willing to work for the best life they can have for themselves and their families.
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  • Number 4Results speak for themselves. Democrats produce higher crime rates, inflation, dependence on foreign oil from our enemies, open borders, culture wars and destruction of our history, weaponized media, courts, justice departments, the IRS, along with cancel culture. While Republicans produce the lowest crime rates, little to no inflation, energy independence, safe borders, equality for all, cherished history, support a free and truthful press, courts that uphold the constitution, fair justice systems for all, a fair and equitable IRS, and an atmosphere of inclusion without alienation and political exclusion. From the Republican origins in fighting to abolish slavery, to fighting against government overreach, Republicans continue to provide positive results for all Americans to chase their dreams of prosperity how they see fit.
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  • Number 3Republican values are American Values. God, Country, Family. Don’t tread on me. Rugged Individualism. American ingenuity. Pride in workmanship. Private property. Judge a man by the content of his character and not the color of his skin. Free speech, Republicans believe in the founding principles that all people are created equal, endowed by our Creator with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, unimpeded by intrusive government regulation and control. The only chance at stopping the craziness surrounding us is to vote Republican!
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  • Number 2The Economy. Perhaps there is nothing more important to the health of a society than its economy. Money is much more than a simple income for the people. It is a direct representation of worth. In other words money itself is a symbol of what your time, effort, intelligence, skill, diligence, integrity, risk and reward type of intangibles that can be attributed to an individual are worth. It is much more than a status symbol or a thing to be envied or coveted. When you Keep the money you earn and you decide the best way to use it, your life improves. It also improves those you deal with from the food you purchase to the phone plan you have. The more people in a society that are doing well, the better off everyone in that society is. Republicans understand these simple concepts and forward economic policies that favor economic prosperity for all. A free market is the key.
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  • And the Number 1 Reason to Vote for Republicans on November 8thFor the Children! We see it day in and day out. The all out assault the Democrats have launched upon our children. They have destroyed an entire generation of our most cherished. Our children are our future and it is clear that it is Republicans who will defend, protect them. While Democrats indoctrinate, confuse, sexualize, marginalize, and racially demonize children, Republicans fight for quality education, parent involvement and consent, Parental rights, keeping sex out of the classroom, creating self worth, and including all as Americans. The way to keep your children safe is to elect Republicans as the Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy the family, and your children!
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As fun as this list is, we are well aware that the reasons to elect Republicans could number in the hundreds. Don’t be fooled by big money Democrat propaganda, Save America, Vote Republican.

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