The first clue is in the title…

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Workforce Housing!

I have to admit the left is excellent at a couple of things. One of those being coming up with a catch phrase or a name that sounds awesome but is usually anything but. [Build back better ring a bell?]. See what they want to do is make it so there is no private property or personal ownership of land or homes. No individualism at all. All hail the state! Yet they know that to come right out and say that, even the most leftist moonbats might balk at handing over ownership of their property. So in this case they pretend that there is a problem, a shortage of affordable housing. Ah! but us rugged individualists would simply say “get a better job”, or “work for it.” So to shut them up they have coined the new talking point of “workforce housing”.

“Workforce Housing.” What a great Idea! (they say). It’s great because it’s housing people can afford and also live near where they work, it helps build communities and it’s for the super cool people like teachers, nurses, EMTs, police officers, firefighters, basically all the people who are on the government payroll. (oops did I say that out loud?)

How could anybody who has a heart or soul be against these pillars of our society who give us so much and all they ask for in return is just a nice clean “affordable” place to live. What kind of monster would you have to be to deny this basic human right?!

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Now that they have set the table, let’s serve it up! Workforce housing for every community! Except, wait a minute, I have a question (or two or five). This is not the model that American society has freely chosen to adopt. What Americans have chosen overwhelmingly is to live where they want and either travel to work, (you have heard of commuter traffic), or stay home and work virtually online. As people tend to live in a home on average about 15 years, and men stay at a job for 4.3 years and women 3.8 years. So the jobs change but the home stays the same. What the purveyors of this model want is to lock us all down and to become dependent on the government (where have I heard this before?). Now I should tell you that it’s not necessarily a bad thing to live and work in the same town, but that hasn’t happened since the fifties when we had plenty of manufacturing jobs and production was high like in Detroit with the automobile industry. But there in lies the problem. While all the Karens clamor over the housing they forgot the workforce part. You need income and without it the workforce housing is just a nice way to say “the projects”.

The solutions that government has packaged up for us never seem to look at the root causes of the problem. The cost of housing isn’t greedy landlords or developers jacking up the prices so they can afford that new place on the French Riviera. It is in direct response to terrible economic policies put in place by the Biden administration and the Democrat controlled congress.

  • Trillions in out-of-control callous spending
  • Open borders
  • Shutting down our oil industry
  • Shipping manufacturing overseas to our enemies
  • Forced shutdown of businesses
  • Trillions in government incentives to NOT work
  • Heavy regulations and restrictions on business
  • Tax increases on corporations businesses and individuals
  • Subsidizing energy alternatives that are not affordable or reliable
  • On and on this list can go….

All these “self inflicted” problems create a cost of renting or buying housing that is through the roof. These problems are not just federal, they also are state and locally imposed too. Regardless of which branch of government is doing the well intended butting in, the result is the high price of housing. So the solution “they say”, is for the government to as always come to the rescue (from the problem they created). Also beware of the “partnership” ploy that will be used to draw in your support. [The city in partnership with company X, and non-profit y&z will unveil our new workforce housing]. FYI that would be fascism.


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