Beaver Slap – General Surge: Bolduc on the Cusp

All the commercials, negative ads that poor Maggie and the Dems keep pushing. Trying to make the abortion issue a dealbreaker, when most people are living paycheck to paycheck in the most terrifying economy many have seen in their lifetimes. When retirees see the scare tactics of the left, the smart ones know better. They know the economy, and their livelihoods, depend on a strong leader and return to the good times.

They’re going to go out on November 8 and vote for Don Bolduc. Because he represents a change from the Democrat status quo. The ongoing misery can come to an end.

Finally the polls are starting to show what we already knew, the Fenton voters, the Morse voters, the US veterans, those who oppose him on one issue or another have decided that their alternative is the continuing of the worst of times. It can only happen if you make a pact with yourself, for your neighbor, for your family. Get out on November 8. Stand in line. Stand in the rain. Walk uphill both ways.

But get out and help us save our country. And mark that oval for Don Bolduc.

This is not a paid advertisement. But it will pay us all dividends to see General Bolduc take this position and in defense of our country once more.

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