PayPal Seems to be Groomer Friendly

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Is Paypal pro groomer?

It seems that daily I wake up and the world slides a little further into WTF! Yet another company that we have all come to rely on over the past however many years has flipped the switch to the dark side of life. Apparently PayPal has decided to go on the “ban” wagon like so many of the other big tech companies have done over recent years. It would appear that there is a group of people called “gays against groomers” who as the name would suggest is an organization of gay people who believe in protecting children from pedophiles. They are against such things as child hormone therapy, sex change surgery, drag shows at the local libraries etc. Sounds like a solid group to me.

So PayPal shut down the groups ability to send or receive funds, oh but there is more….. apparently in the same day PayPal shut down the account of a UK organization called “Us for Them” which it is my understanding they are a coalition of parents who worked to keep schools open during the pandemic. Now this is a small piece of the big picture to control speech. But that’s not the end of the story…

As could only happen in 2022, the groups that want to protect kids from sex offenders and those who would mask and pump them full of unsafe drugs are financially shut down or cancelled. Guess who is still on the platforms as only good leftist could be. Yep, pedophilic groups. Or as they are called now, “minor attracted persons”. [now would be a good time to go to the bathroom and vomit]. So while PayPal bans groups for fighting to protect children they allow groups like MAP[minor attracted persons] Support Club to continue to conduct business.

Prostasia seems to be one such group that is allowed and just FYI, they believe that the best practice to prevent child abuse is acceptance and normalization.

So the next time you need to purchase something over the internet, keep this in mind, and remember the left is about acceptance and normalization.


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