Beaver Slap – Lies. Damned Lies.

Sometimes you read something, and the reaction goes like this:

Wait- WHAT??????

So it was when we read Representative Paul Terry’s letter to the editor found in today’s Laconia Daily Sun. After being one of the main ringleaders in the lockout of Republicans and guests at the most recent Belknap County Republican Committee (BCRC) meeting, he has the gall to write smack about one of those barred entry who then dared complain. Representative Mike Bordes, a State Committee member of the NH GOP, prevented from entering by one of the BCRC Executive Committee henchmen, shared his story with his own letter to that paper. A similar recounting was posted previously here on The Bastion as well- click here. So naturally, in keeping with the same strategic course set by the blundering leadership actions of the BCRC, rather than let it go and try to move on and focus on the fast-approaching election, Representative Terry sees fit to double down and unleash a response that would make even Joseph Goebbels blush in its audacity.

In keeping with his oft-displayed pomposity, Terry starts off with a Shakespeare quote apparently designed to demonstrate an air of superior intellect for the Daily Sun letter-readers. He then provides his recounting of the sad affairs of the evening which is fine, except for one thing: it’s NOT TRUE. He writes:

Rep. Bordes decided to finally grace us with his presence at the October county committee meeting. He was not given immediate access because we experienced higher than expected attendance. Our members were given priority-first access due to fire code regulations.

The Bastion has spoken with several people who were there, both in and outside the meeting, as well as insiders who were privy to the pre-meeting planning. The normal operation of the meeting was altered due to the fact they were expecting some pushback from other Republicans unhappy with the BCRC shenanigans during the recent primary season. And of course, those that are familiar with the leadership bunch know that being able to accept criticism is certainly NOT their strong suit. A quick head-count in that room easily determined that the numbers inside at no point came close to its maximum capacity.

Furthermore, even though Terry, when pressed earlier on stated that all would be eventually allowed in, it was some time before they relented. Speaking with The Bastion, attendee and BCRC member Doug Lambert recounted how he approached the door keeper about letting people in as the meeting had progressed, and that she responded with anger that she was under instruction to not let those outside in. This despite Terry having by that point stated the opposite. Eventually, under further pressure, the door was FINALLY opened, albeit too late for some, including Representative Bordes, who had given up and departed.

One final point- Representative Terry’s letter- also signed by the majority of the Executive Committee- laughingly writes this of Representative Mike Bordes:

The representative engages in these far too frequent acts of political and personal aggression in violation of former President Ronald Reagan’s so-called “Eleventh Commandment:” “Thou shalt not speak ill of fellow Republicans.”

Again, as noted at the top of this post, the reaction must be,

Wait, WHAT??????

Who has done more damage to Republicans here in Belknap County? Mr Bordes with a legitimate beef with the BCRC, or the BCRC itself with its ham handed handling of the primary season, fellow Republicans and their treatment at their meetings, and the total mess they caused when not working with the SMART Republican representatives who worked to save Gunstock?

For all this, the BCRC leadership, and Mr Terry, have earned this BEAVER SLAP… Several, actually.

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