Must See TV- Video of Wednesday GAC Meeting

The much talked about Wednesday meeting of the Gunstock Area Commission is now available to watch on video. As reported yesterday in a Bastion Exclusive (click here), the long-awaited Audit Report was released and discussed. Of course as we all learned in a prior Bastion posting (click here), the ballyhooed “smoking gun” turned out to be a nothingburger and instead the audit provided a sound financial picture that every citizen of Belknap County should celebrate.

The meeting itself, outside of the somewhat technical financial discussion, featured several interesting moments that are worth noting and viewing should you not be inclined to watch the whole thing.

As recounted on The Bastion, Ronnie Abbot described the drama surrounding a surprise action by the former commissioner Strang (click here to read) as he showed up mere minutes prior to the start of the meeting and took a seat at the head table next to the Commissioners. Several times, he interrupted the Commissioners and attempted to speak. In each instance, he was asked to refrain from this and informed that members of the public would have their turn later in the meeting. Finally, Commissioner Wood noted discomfort at having Strang sitting by her, and the Chair got him to move to the audience.

Following the presentation by the auditors, Gunstock Resort General Manager Tom Day read a prepared statement (see full text at the bottom of this post) that discussed the disruption and personal attacks against him and CFO Cathy White and how it caused them much distress. It followed with several slides showing Gunstock’s financial position prior to his arrival to where it stands today.

“Since the inception of the audit committee, we have had our honesty and integrity assaulted in print, radio and multiple gatherings. The following individuals Dave Strang, Peter Ness, Barbara Comtois, Dawn Johnson, Norm Silber and Mike Sylvia have spread inaccuracies, misinformation and false accusations at both Cathy and I. Insulting our professionalism and integrity over and over again at any chance they had.”

Tom Day, GAC Meeting 10/19/22

The entire video can be viewed by CLICKING HERE. If it doesn’t go straight to the GAC meeting, click the “PROGRAMS” tab as shown in the screenshot below and look for “Gunstock Area Commission Meetings.” The key points if you wish to quickly find them are as follows:

  • First Strang Interruption 26:00
  • Second Strang Interruption 26:40
  • Tom Day Statement 34:45
  • Slides showing past and present financial position 37:20
  • Exchange leading to Strang departure 39:30
  • “Live Like Doug” Presentation 1:28.30
  • Mike Sylvia public input 1:50.20
Screen Shot of LRPA Gunstock Video

Of course, the entire meeting has much information. From the audit firm’s presentation, to a review of ongoing projects, a discussion on a proposal from the “Live Like Doug” nonprofit group, and and update on Winter preparations, it’s all worth a watch if you have the time. Give it a watch, and feel free to leave a comment below.

Tom Day Statement:

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