No Billy, you’re not allowed to decide for yourself…

One of the virtuous traits or characteristics democrats have is that they whole heartedly believe you are just not as smart as they are, because if you were then you wouldn’t make the bad choices you make, like voting for extremists (ie Republicans). As a result they, in your best interest of course will make the proper choices for you. This concept is covered in a new book by Emily B. Finley entitled: The Ideology of Democratism.

The concept of populism the likes of which we as a nation just experienced not too long ago with the election of President Donald Trump gives rise to the leftist elites warning about the populist threat to democracy. They label populism as “anti-democratic”. The problem with this is that it ignores the will of the people, and allows for a made up will of the people by a few academics who replace reality with theory.

We see it day in and day out with such things like, if you only were smart enough to realize that climate change is an existential threat. So we will take away your gas powered vehicles because if you were only as smart as we are you would do the same. Or you must be an extremist because only an extremist would want to pay as little in taxes as possible and want to have as little government intrusion into their lives as possible. How can you not understand that all children belong to the state and parents just don’t really know what’s best for their own kids.

The book outlines that this is not anything new. Pretty much since the beginning of time a Cabal of self professed I’m better than you types have tried to tell us ordinary folk the “correct” way to live. Today they take such undemocratic measures like censorship or lockdowns to disenfranchising entire groups like police or parents within society because the left has redefined democracy to mean something other than democracy.

The Problem is, that in this country the government is of the people, by the people, for the people, and that my friends makes the left more insane than they already are.


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