THE BASTION.NEWS INVESTIGATES – “Hello? I’d like to report a theft!”

Last Wednesday, any remaining sanity within the Belknap County Republican Committee was reported stolen. The Bastion was provided with the initial report of the investigation that includes some brief video, along with several photos and sketches based on eyewitness accounts…

Authorities believe it was an inside job. After manning the front door and signing in attendees for nearly two years, Laconia Representative Rich Littlefield told investigators he was abruptly cast aside and replaced with somebody apparently associated with the ringleaders. One attendee snapped a photo of the last minute BCRC “bouncer” manning the door, Representative Barbara Comtois, seen here interrogating one of the guests seeking entry:

Unknown BCRC guest (left) encounters Rep. Barbara Comtois (right)

Attendees able to sit in on the meeting report that things got off to a rocky start as people began to notice something was amiss. One of the members not in on the heist tried to question the circumstances of the strange goings-on and was instantly rebuffed by the apparent ringleader of the operation, Gilford State Representative Norm Silber. Another onlooker was able to provide a photo as he began his startling tirade, calling on accomplices planted within the room for assistance in order to protect his crooked designs:

Representative Norman Silber calling on his minions to protect his illicit plans

Another suspect from Silber’s inner circle reached into his bag of dirty tricks as an innocent member of the BCRC later tried to foil the caper in a fruitless appeal to change the meeting’s agenda. The so-called “parliamentarian” of the crime syndicate, Representative Pastor Paul Terry, rendered smooth and authoritative “rulings” at this point and at several other times during the evening- effectively squashing all attempts to thwart their dastardly action. As investigators reviewed the facts, they determined Terry’s utterances to be incorrect and false, having been delivered to provide cover for ringleader Silber. One attendee caught a small portion of Terry’s opinion delivered to the group:

[Click the red button to watch the video]

Pastor Terry offering his opinion on a parliamentary question and why he should be believed…

As the evening progressed, several other transgressions started to become obvious to the onlookers in the room. Investigators have disclosed that for at least the second month in a row, there was no financial report delivered as required, nor was there any hard copy records to be had as their own rules demand. Interested persons are questioning whether the loot perhaps dwindled during the recently passed primary season, and offered theories that it was given to certain favored individuals (candidates) within Silber’s inner circle. Sources in the investigation have provided The Bastion with an artist’s sketch of the missing Treasurer, who is apparently known under several aliases including Dr Strangelove and Stranger Things, which seems to be a play on his actual name, Dr. Strang.

Artist’s sketch of missing BCRC Treasurer Strang

There are several other suspects that have been suggested as direct, or associated accomplices within the Syndicate including Belmont Representative Mike Sylvia. He is described as someone who mostly operates in the shadows, and has a demeanor that projects an icy coldness. Some have posited the notion that Silvia could perhaps even be the actual leader of the gang, even above Silber in the hierarchy. A file photo was provided to The Bastion:

Belmont Rep Mike Sylvia. The real boss?

One last potential member of the Silber gang has been identified, although it is still unclear as to what his actual role is. David Murphy, otherwise known as “Skip”, poses as some two-bit media person and is often found in attendance at BCRC meetings operating camera gear. Again, investigators are not certain what to make of him. A study of his so-called “reporting” reveals some of the most shoddy grammar usage ever put out for publication. In addition, most of his articles appear to be nothing more than petty vindictiveness and focus on many Republicans that the BCRC claims to want to win election in November. Sources within the investigation further tell The Bastion that they have observed he has been smuggling footage of Republican planning and strategizing to Democrats, who have gone on to use it against them in the local papers and on social media. This has left many puzzled as to whether he is an ally to Silber’s crew, a mole, or something else. One person interviewed likened him to the famed spy from CONTROL, Maxwell Smart, oft times known as “the man who knew too little.” As of press time, The Bastion was unable to obtain a clear photo of Murphy, but was provided this sketch of his likeness:

Artist rendering of David “Skip” Murphy

As the evening wound down, the carefully planned operation was an obvious success. All remaining sanity within the upper echelon of the BCRC was successfully stolen, and subsequently removed. An eyewitness, having been locked out from the closed meeting was able to capture a brief clip on his cellphone of one of the perpetrators as she sped away from the scene with the goods. After careful study, detectives have determined that it is Representative Barbara Comtois, having slipped into a clever disguise, effectively concealing her true identity as shown at the start of this report.

Representative Comtois, in disguise, makes her escape

As new details emerge, Bastion News will provide updates to this ongoing and rapidly unfolding operation. The crime that has been committed in the attempt to completely destroy the Belknap County Republican Committee, along with Republican chances in the upcoming November election MUST be avenged. Rest assured, the busy beavers here at the Bastion will leave NO stone unturned. We WILL get to the bottom of this and correct the wrongs, and attempt to salvage and secure a future for Republicans here in Belknap County. You have the facts. Now, it is time to act. Know the faces. Do NOT let them get away scott-free!


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