Free Speech? You don’t get no stinking Free Speech!

Free Speech is in big trouble, and nobody seems to even notice.

There has been a development of extreme importance that has gone mostly unnoticed. There is a media outlet called INFOWARS, and the head of that outlet is a man named Alex Jones. A recent court decision in Connecticut was levied against Jones for more than $950 million dollars and a separate jury in Texas ordered Jones to pay $4.1 million dollars as well as an additional $45 million dollars in punitive damages. That is,

That is a lot of money! Why was he ordered to pay? He had claimed on air that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax. Now, to be clear that was a horrible tragedy and it did happen and those families have suffered unimaginable losses as well as pain and suffering.

We must understand that what Jones who is known for his hyperbole delivery and “outlandish” claims did was Lie on Air. This is a guy who for years has embraced a tinfoil hat and many implausible conspiracy theories. He commented on a tragedy and he got it wrong, and for his incorrect statements the penalty is $1 Billion Dollars! I think it is important to put this in to perspective. His comments although most would agree were awful, did not create a danger. They, as far as I can tell have not cause anyones death. He simply was wrong. Again, the penalty is $1 billion dollars. So if that’s the case shouldn’t it hold up for other liars?

There is no end to the lies that the left and the corrupt mainstream media put out on a daily, hourly, or even minute by minute. From, you can keep your Doctor, affordable healthcare, Russian collusion to the vaccine is safe while seemingly healthy kids are dying from heart problems. The CDC even has admitted that the vaccines cause heart problems, and blood clots. Keep in mind those were not just a radio show host getting it wrong, it was government officials in conjunction with mainstream media. Shouldn’t those people pay damages? How about defund the police? Many were told that was a good idea. How many people were injured because of that? Shouldn’t those people pay damages?

Well I think we all know the answer to that. They won’t pay $1 billion dollars, or $1 million dollars or $1 dollar. No, the left will not be penalized at all for their lies no matter who gets hurt, while this judgment will open the door for the next round in taking your 1st amendment right to free speech, it will serve as a pre curser to the next waive of political correctness and laws enacted to silence all who have a independent voice other than what is allowed by the elites.


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