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Hanging out here in the Bastion Beaver Lodge thinking about past events while looking ahead to the November elections, this Beaver’s “Spidey-sense” is tingling. As has been covered in several previous postings (click here, here, and here), we continue to question the ongoing actions of the Belknap County Republican Committee leadership as it relates to this election cycle in its final phase. Having documented how the Belknap County Democrat Committee, in cahoots with their not-so-silent partners- the Citizens of Belknap- have seemingly out played and out maneuvered the Republican leadership at every turn, it is high-time to look at them in askance in their NEXT moves as time runs short to the big day. In addition to doing nothing, what ELSE are they doing? Well, naturally, as what has come to be expected, that answer is NOTHING.

Well, OK, not exactly nothing. They are doing something, but not anything that works towards fulfilling their duties as the clock continues to tick. First, the BCRC mission statement as found in the Bylaws and highlighted on their website:

From BCRC web page

For this essay, let’s focus on item #3- “to work toward the election of Republican candidates to local, statewide and national offices.” Of course, you might ask, “What ELSE would you expect them to be doing, Mr. Beaver?” Well, that’s a very good question! So let’s dive in and get some answers.

For starters, the BCRC is having its regular monthly this week. “Oh, good-“you say. “They can finally work on some plans for coming together and winning some seats November 8th.” Whoa, not so fast! You see, rather than doing something as mundane and boring as that, the BCRC has chosen to have a guest speaker. “Oh- you mean to talk about winning elections?!” Haha- no. Rather, we are going to be treated to the history of the weekly local paper, The Weirs Times.

Post on the BCRC Facebook page

Wait, what???? So of course we all love the Weirs Times here at The Bastion, but, REALLY? What will this do to help us on the Second Tuesday of November? Give us some interesting reading as we lament our losses and lick our wounds? Good grief- what are these people thinking? Of course, it’s obvious that they are NOT. They’re gonna give us the “lowdown,” all right. Because we’re all gonna be LOW and DOWN November 9th with these guys leading the charge!

Let’s switch gears now, and consider some of the other things going on with local Republicans as they forge ahead in battle. WITH EACH OTHER! You see- there’s also something else going on: Republican on Republican “crime.” Mostly aided and abetted by, you guessed it: the BCRC leadership. Consider the chosen so-called media darling of Chairman Silber and his cohorts on the Executive Committee: the Granite Grok. While always granted full access to the monthly BCRC business meetings and forever mentioned and touted during the meetings, the guy that supposedly runs it has made a cottage industry of attacking Republicans– first during the primary season, and now in the general campaign segment. And yet, a visit to the BCRC web site reveals the “Links” page contains only one “media” link:

BCRC website “links” page

With minced words and nearly unintelligible grammar, the attacks don’t stop. And for what purpose? While one might not be able to discern what he’s actually thinking, the only LOGICAL purpose and end is to help elect DEMOCRATS. Sources tell The Bastion that not all Belknap Republicans are happy about this and, despite inquiries and requests to remove this apparent “traitor” from his protected perch, nothing has been done. Here are several examples of this so-called “conservative” blog’s attacks on Republicans:

These are Republican nominees facing Democrat opposition in the upcoming election! Laughably, in other postings, this same blog site encourages its readers to “vote for Republicans” and make sure to not elect Democrats! Reading their nonsense is almost as insane as, well, the BCRC defending this perpetrator of Republican attacks and near slander.

In closing, here at The Bastion, the discussion on this particular topic always comes to the same questions. Why? Why are these guys supposedly “leading” the local Republican party doing absolutely NOTHING to help in the mission of educating people of the benefits of electing Republicans to represent us in Concord and in Washington? Why are they not pulling out all the stops in helping to avoid the dangers of electing liberal Democrats to run our lives? Where is the strategy? Where is the unity? Why are they making the obvious wrong choices at every turn? Squandering every opportunity? Stepping into every trap? Are they just plain stupid? Are they crazy? Are they simply overwhelmed? If so, why don’t they all just step aside and let people that actually want to win give it a go?

Here is an interesting quote from one of Mr. Beaver’s favorite sci-fi authors, Philip K Dick (PKD) Does it perhaps explain what we are witnessing?

“They want to be the agents, not the victims, of history. They identify with God’s power and believe they are godlike. That is their basic madness. They are overcome by some archetype; their egos have expanded psychotically so that they cannot tell where they begin and the godhead leaves off. it is not hubris, not pride; it is inflation of the ego to its ultimate-“

The Man in the High Castle


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