The New World and Our World. Our Happy Little Slice Here in NH…

This weekend is the annual celebration and commemoration of Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the “New World” in 1492. While perhaps “controversial” to some, here at The Bastion, we make no apologies- we love America and embrace ALL of its history and still like to honor our heroes and great men and women that came before us.

Closer to home here in New Hampshire, this weekend and time of year finds us in the annual seasonal demonstration of OUR world- one in which its absolute beauty and majesty stands as a shining beacon for many to visit and look in awe. We acknowledge that we are truly blessed to call this state and our region home. While many travel from afar to join in the appreciation of our magnificent Granite State, we are fortunate that we can practically step out our front door to take it all in.

Today, I did just that. Here in the Lakes Region, we have many great attractions, one of which is our very own Gunstock Mountain Resort. Join with me and take in some of the sights it affords both residents and visitors who can hike its slopes or ride the Panorama Chair to the summit and partake of the magnificent sights. These pics feature our hike up, and a ride down. Enjoy!

The Starting Point
Lake Winnipesaukee and beyond
View from the deck at the summit lodge

This is the end of the hike to the summit. The next views are from the Panorama Chair on the ride down…

Happy feet flying above the colored trees

That’s it. Nothing too deep- just a quick view of OUR wonderful world here in our little corner of the New World that is America. It”s always good to stop for a moment and appreciate the freedoms and many blessings that we have inherited from the many great people that came before us. Of course, it is up to us to make sure that we stay engaged in the effort to KEEP and DEFEND what has been passed down to us. Here at The Bastion, we are happy to play a part… Enjoy!


  1. love posts like these. I, too, drive around with my wife and talk about how happy we were to move here and then move back here. The apples are abundant in the west, but they’re best here. The fall is pretty and the pumpkin spice is the same out west, but it hits different here. Not to mention, the people are more than a bit above the average out here. Only place in the world I’d want to be.


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