The Hunt For (a) Red November

Captain Ramius:
We will pass through the American patrols, past their sonar nets, and lay off their largest city, and listen to their rock and roll… while we conduct missile drills.

The Hunt for Red October

As the November general election draws ever closer, the two political parties of Belknap County have been garnering their forces in preparation for the big day. With just over a month to go, each side is doing all that they can to energize their bases, turn out their supporters, and reach the all-important “independent” and “swing” voters. The race is on to get every possible vote in what undoubtedly will be a very close election, both locally and statewide. For those of us actively involved in politics, this is the “big game,” and the excitement on all sides is quite palpable.

As an example of the support and enthusiasm being given its candidates, the Belknap County Democrats, in conjunction with an active committee operating in the local House District 6, recently provided this mailer to members and supporters, or “current occupants” at numerous addresses:

Belknap County Democrats mailer

Local Democrat leaders are reminding voters to make sure to vote on election day, listing their candidates with a bit of information on each, requesting financial donations, and even providing a handy QR code. This outreach here on the local level really strikes a chord. It is a very fine example of a well-organized party committee that is serious about helping their candidates attain victory.

Not to be outdone, here is an example on the OTHER side, as the Belknap County Republicans, led by Norm Silber and others, reached out to THEIR supporters and independent voters in a similar effort to gain victory in November:

BCRC outreach letter

This too seeks to, um, remind voters to… uh, what? That our local party is rudderless and adrift? That everyone needs to vote Republican because… why? While we heard plenty from the GOP county committee during the PRIMARY, as they arranged a circular firing squad and systematically took each other out, the Democrats kept their powder dry and at the ready for the days AFTER, when it actually counts. Oh sure, this is not to say that a well-funded outsider pollical action group didn’t work to sow chaos and discord within the open primary system, but the Belknap County Republican Committee leaders fell into each and every trap laid for them with all of the ineptness and strategic blunders they could muster.

Here is the newspaper ad run by Belknap County Democrats the very next day after the September primary:

Belknap County Democrat advertisement Laconia Daily Sun 9/14/2022

In contrast, here is the ad run by Belknap County Republicans:

GOP advertisement not found ANYWHERE

In today’s Laconia Daily Sun we learn that the local Democrats are having an event where people can get a free coffee and meet the slate of candidates running in District 6- an event sponsored by the sub-committee of the Belknap County Democrats:

Laconia Daily Sun page 13, 10/06/22

And whither the BCRC? Here’s their event:

Belknap County Republican Committee outreach event

Captain Ramius:

“Once more, we play our dangerous game, a game of chess against our old adversary – The American Navy. For forty years, your fathers before you and your older brothers played this game and played it well. But today the game is different. We have the advantage.”

The Hunt for Red October

Substitute “Belknap County Republican Committee” for the American Navy in this quote. Today- it’s the county DEMOCRATS that have the advantage. While the Executive Committee of the BCRC was busy filling party delegate slots and picking their “friends” in primary races in order to preserve their power within the county committee, the Democrats were moving ahead with their own strategy for victory- where it counts: November 8th.

The only saving grace for SOME local Republican candidates is that there are several very good ones in the race. And, with NO help whatsoever from the county committee, are doing everything they can to promote their own candidacies. As individuals, unless we want to get completely skunked come November, we must step up and help them in any way we can. And maybe, following that, clean house at the BCRC. After promising great things when the current leadership took the helm, they have pretty much sailed into a trap. And the ship sinks…

Commander Bart Mancuso: Right full rudder, 30-degree down angle.
Helmsman: Aye sir.
Seaman Jones: [removes headphones] This one’s gonna be close!
[The Red October turns hard to starboard and the torpedo locks on to the Konovalov]
Konovalov Crewman: Torpedo, dead ahead!
Andrei Bonovia: [to Captain Tupolev] You arrogant ass! You’ve killed us!
[Captain Tupolev has a moment to think before the torpedo destroys his sub]

Hunt for Red October


  1. […] The Bastion has been reporting nearly since its inception on the ham handed actions of the Belknap County Republican Committee’s (BCRC) leadership team throughout the current election cycle. Beginning with the mishandling and inability to react and manage the Gunstock debacle which fostered the rise of an organized and well funded opposition political action committee (Citizens For Belknap), the fortunes of the BCRC Executive Committee have steadily gone downhill. Local Republicans spent the last weeks leading up to the November 8th election day looking around for guidance and direction never given by the rudderless and beleaguered group. One local woman tells The Bastion that she had reached out several times, offering her time and service as a poll watcher, but never received a response. After the polls in Gilford had closed, a member of the Bastion team caught up with the Co-Chair of the Belknap County Democrat Party, Johnna Davis, who remarked, ” I was quite surprised that you guys didn’t have any poll watchers this year. I can’t ever recall that happening in the past since I’ve been around.” She of course gave a knowing nod, fully understanding why this was. When engaged in a Republican circular firing squad attacking each other, there’s little time left for doing the actual real work of winning elections. […]


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