Richard Littlefield – Will Never Stop Fighting for Laconia

When I was a child my favorite professional wrestler was “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan, and he told those of us who were wrestling nerds to drink our milk, take our vitamins and say our prayers, plus he had an awesome theme song!

“the Immortal” Hulk Hogan – courtesy Gamestop

As a kid growing up in a less than ideal environment, and part of which was being bullied everyday of my life, I believed that I needed to kick out at 2 and 9/10ths flinging my problems  up in the air and proceed to “Hulk” up so I could defeat anyone or anything that stood in my way.

Now I’m 36 years old, a father of 3 and happily married for the last eight and a half years, and I find myself in a situation where I need to kick out and ”Hulk” up once again to defeat my adversaries.  Unfortunately my opponents are not Andre The Giant, Sergeant Slaughter or the Iron Sheik, my opponent is much scarier than any of them.  They are well organized, well funded and crafty.

Belknap County Democrats put up a formidable lineup of career Dems, two of them being former Representatives who are very well known for their long history in the area.

Just like Hulk Hogan had his ”Hulkamaniacs” by his side to have his back, giving him the strength to overcome all foes, I need the help of Laconia’s Republicans, Libertarians and like minded Independents to stand by my side as I fight to earn votes and return to Representatives Hall for another two years so I can continue to fight for what is right.

My record as a conservative is solid.  I often fought in favor of those constitutional freedoms that our fore fathers gave to us knowing that we would need them throughout our lives.

The right to life, religious freedom, free speech, second amendment rights and self defense, as well as your right to privacy.  My record also shows that I am environmentally friendly, as I supported HB 177 which was the original buffer zone bill setting up a two mile barrier between New Hampshire’s State Parks and any possible future landfill contamination. This would have saved taxpayers millions of dollars over the long term.

I also voted to continue to develop clean, efficient, stable and abundant nuclear energy which also stands to save taxpayers a substantial amount of money as well, keeping more money in the pocket of hardworking taxpayers where it belongs.

Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant –

I have to ask, what is wrong with elected officials in our state and country when we have a concrete option that would serve the state and nation for over two centuries faithfully and nobody has figured out a way to dispose of the waste safely?  

Election Integrity has been a large part of my time as a Representative. 

I co-sponsored bills with Representative Peter Torosian and Congressional candidate Tim Baxter that would have mandated using durable hand-marked paper ballots in all New Hampshire elections, and would have performed a full forensic audit of the state’s 2020 election.  I believe in having the strongest and most accurate elections that we can have, which keeps us firmly in the running to keep our “First In The Nation” Primary Status. I want to do what my Father did with me 18 years ago and proudly bring my kids to vote when they are voting age.  I want to trust that their voice matters, and it won’t if we loosen our voter ID laws or let unelected bureaucrats in Washington DC count our votes.

Maybe the largest part of my job has been watching our schools like a hawk, and standing side by side with frustrated parents who have been navigating an imperfect system fought with hurdles and what seems like endless frustration.

As DC continues its journey to the far left of center, school boards have become downright impossible to deal with, causing frustration and anger with parents that desperately want to see their children receive a proper and adequate education for a long and successful life.

That is why I voted for and support the Education Freedom Account Program. My support for these programs is not because of CRT, which has ruined institutions of higher learning, or mask mandates which in my opinion should only be used in a genuine emergency situation. Most of the data I’ve been able to peruse shows that our schools are full of bullying, cyber harassment, vaping in bathrooms, wanton violence and property destruction everytime a new Tik Tok fad goes viral, some schools are far and away worse than others.

Laconia School Board Meeting – Creative Commons

Far too many New Hampshire schools, for one reason or another, are producing extremely low proficiency scores.  This is a fixable problem if parents want to help out educators and reign in their children’s bad behaviors at home, and start doing more to educate after the school day is done. Too many schools and school districts lack concrete policies that seek to keep all students safe, and 30% of a 3,000 student program have had enough and simply won’t stand for it anymore.

These programs allow parents to mold successful educations for their child or children without the hurdles and frustrations of dealing with the system and to be honest, it’d be hard to blame any parent that has been swept to the side after tirelessly advocating for their children for running to an option they desperately need.

Last but certainly not least I have been one of the more responsive, accessible, shameless advocates for positive change, a truth teller. I don’t let anyone put me down online or in the newspaper without standing up for myself. I have been a promise keeper, one of which was to listen any time a parent or guardian needed to call on someone who would hear them out, especially after many of these parents have faced government officials who are unwilling to.

I fought to protect the very rights others would like to see infringed upon, so now I am asking for everyone to stand with me as I fight the good fight heading into November for Laconia, Belknap County and the State of New Hampshire.

Stand with me, and much like the Hulkster we can’t be beat. 

Representative Richard Littlefield 
Proudly serving Laconia

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