Doug Lambert – Conspiracy? Real? Who Knows- It’s 2020 + 2 So anything is Possible

Option One:

This is a VERY chilling assessment of the recent events involving the Nord Stream pipelines. Seems that two sections developed near simultaneous “leaks.” The story has been percolating somewhat under the radar since it happened. Many ordinary people remain blissfully unaware that some very informed people are pointing a finger directly at the US, and some, even going as far to suggest that this could ultimately lead to nuclear war. Very scary stuff.

Tucker Carlson did a report on this situation last Tuesday night. Is it time to think about a little prepping? Is it too late? Or should we just run out and buy electric cars?

Option Two:

While the theory put forth by Tucker has much credence and, coming from him- no fringe kook- should be given consideration, there IS another possible explanation: Russian incompetence. Let’s face it- they DO have a track record of being the proverbial bull in the China shop. With a history of giving zero bleeps about the environment or personnel safety matters, one cannot dismiss the possibility of plain and simple human error. Consider this from the LawDog Files:

Russia was having compressor “issues” on Nord 1, enough that the whole sodding compressor station was “shut down” and a “hazardous production facility”.

Is anyone else getting the twitchies regarding the fact that at least some of the equipment that keeps the pipeline pressurised was off-line? Just me? Oh, well then. Carry on.

Moving on — multiple sources have confirmed that Nord 2 was full of natural gas; that it was full for at least months; and that said natural gas had never moved.

It. Just. Sat. There. For — allegedly — months.

During normal operations of a pipeline, you run a pig through fairly regularly. A “pig” is a bit of equipment pushed by the gas flow, and as it moves along it shoves water and hydrate slurry down to where it can be removed; and it scrapes compounds off the inside walls (hydrogen sulphide, I’m looking at you) that might be are probably eating your pipe.

Note the part above where the pigs are pushed by the gas. The gas in Nordstream 2 never moved. That means no pig ever went down the line to shove water out, move hydrate slurry, or stop H2S from corroding the steel of the pipeline.

Click here and read the rest.

It includes a bit of simplified technical information on a possible explanation of a wholly plausible case for mechanical failure.

So what gives here? Which is it? BOTH scenarios are equally plausible. As we all know, all of the best conspiracy theories have some element of truth. The problem here in 2020+2 is the question of “What is truth?” It’s pretty wide open these days. Either way, watch for this little story to get lost and buried in the morass… Pay no attention, people. Move along.

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