Is There Anybody Out There? – 9/29/2022


Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me

Is there anyone at home?

Roger Waters, Pink Floyd
Photo Courtesy – Bastion Staff

And so it was, I thought, as I attended the “non-partisan” candidate night in Laconia on Tuesday night. Is there anybody out there at the helm of the Belknap County Republican Committee (BCRC)? 

The evening featured Republican and Democrat candidates for New Hampshire House of Representatives District 5 (All Laconia Wards except Ward 2). They were all there, candidates for both sides of the ticket. The room was PACKED. The audience was comprised of many local people, mostly of the liberal-leaning Democrat-supporting types and a small handful of Republicans.  So few, you could probably count them on one hand.

You know who else was there? The Citizens for Belknap PAC. They even had an information table complete with a full color banner set up outside the venue. They were busy gathering information, talking with people, making their presence known, a show of force. Their outreach, complementing the signs still dotting our highways and byways and the ads we still see in the paper. Ubiquitous. Always within sight. Never wavering. Never stopping. The eye that never sleeps. As for the Belknap County Republican Committee? AWOL. Invisible. Incommunicado. Zip. Nada. Zilch. 

The Citizens for Belknap (or, for short, the Democrats) got their people out. Their lead propagandist was there. Watching. Greeting people. Supporting candidates. Promoting their message. Where was the lead guy for the county Republicans? Who knows. Maybe hatching some new attack against Gunstock Mountain? Chasing new conspiracies? Investigating more “crimes?” 

In years past, active local Republicans would have most likely received an email alert to this candidates’ night event, encouraging activists to attend and support “our” people.  Last year, the guy in charge most certainly would have done so, but this year, there’s nothing but silence and failure.  The Bastion can confirm there are several active members of the BCRC that have apparently fallen out of favor with the BCRC rulers, and no longer get monthly emails announcing the meeting.  Sources further confirmed to The Bastion that NOBODY received any alert announcing this important candidate forum. 

What exactly is going on lately? When the current BCRC regime took over the helm, local Republicans were promised a fresh start. It would be a group that would adhere to the party platform and promote its conservative principles. At first, it seemed that all was well and a new day for Republicans was at hand. And truly it was, proven by the fact that they ran the table in winning all the seats in Belknap County, leaving the Democrats in the dust. People were energized. Back then, the BCRC even constructed a parade float for the Gilford Old Home Day that won second place. Several successful fundraisers were held, and a grand time was had by all. A fully excited group ready to continue its work and demonstrate to the voters that they made the right choice in electing them. Alas, that was then and this is now. The BCRC cannot even muster the will to suggest members support their party’s candidates. When one considers that their very own bylaws direct them to work toward the “election of Republican candidates to local, statewide, and national offices,” the question becomes, “WHEN?” 

Election day is just over a month away. The Citizens for Belknap PAC will no doubt work tirelessly between now and then to support their chosen people while systematically vilifying every single Republican on the ballot. 

The Belknap County Republican Committee? <insert cricket sounds here

Hello, hello, hello, hello… Is there anybody out there?

The Beaver


  1. The BCRC ignored the 800lb gorilla in the room and they paid for it. Unfortunately, a lot of new candidates in other races paid for it too, for being affiliated with the BCRC. The “old school” needs some “new thinking” before it’s old news.


  2. OMG!!! Thank You for speaking out againt this group who, as all liberals seem to do, represent themselves as something they’re not., in this case bipartisan. I am Lisa Smart, running for a seat as state representative for district 2 in belknap county. I am the only true conservative option on the Meredith ballot on 11/8. This group uses pretty words and the peoples emotions to sway them into believing the group represents all good and kind people. They take out adds, have tons of very colorful signs with catchy phrases, hand out lovely colorful palm cards promoting their choice for candidates… Where does it come from? Who is in this PAC and what is their party affiliation? They orchestrated a very coordinated and successful effort to turn merediths primary results by having party members register as independents so they could vote on the Republican ticket for the most moderate republican. I watched and listened while it went on. By law they did nothing wrong but ethically and morally their actions are reprehensible.


  3. I saw them at the polls too. I asked what the criteria was for the candidates and they just said they were against the extremists. Sounded more like a leftist hate group than what they were peddling

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